Poll Pay

Poll Pay


Earn money and gift cards with Poll Pay – paid surveys affiliate program!

Poll Pay contains millions of surveys for you to earn rewards and money. With Poll Pay users have a ton of surveys to complete and earn rewards from. Users decide which surveys they want to start and complete. Choose a topic they like, a short survey, or a survey with a high reward.

Varied selection of payment models:
Poll Pay gives you the opportunity to cash in your balance via many methods. One of the most popular ones is PayPal, but they also support Amazon gift cards as well as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and many more!

Publisher Advantages:

  • Easy Login Options:
    with Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter
  • Attractive Commissions 0,41 € – 0,88 € for Survey Complete (1 event per unique user)
  • Many Regions available
  • 4,6 Note, based on over 100.000 ratings!
  • All traffic sources are allowed (well, almost 🙂 )

It is NOT allowed to use bot traffic, emulators, or other software that is supposed to be used for deception.

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Programmstart: 22.06.2021
Stornoquote: -
Ø Freigabe der Provisionen: 45days
Maximale Freigabe der Provisionen: 70days


Deeplinks: no
Product-Feed: no
E-Mail-Template: no
Banner: 20
Textlinks: 10


    [0] => event
    [1] => lead
    [2] => sale
Survey Complete / Tier 1 (US, CA, AU, UK, DE) 0,88€-
Survey Complete / Tier 2 (ES, IT, PT, IE, NZ, BE) 0,53€-
Survey Complete / Tier 3 (IN, ID, PH, MX, BR, TH)0,41€-

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  • Doorway Traffic
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  • Toolbar
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  • In-app advertising on social media
  • Targeted advertising on social media
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  • Advertising in Messengers
  • Social Media
  • Price Comparison Websites


Cookie Tracking: 30 days
Postview-Methode: -
Session-Cookie: -
Fingerprint: -
Local Tracking: -
Mobile Traffic: yes


Währung: EUR
Zahlungsart: Account
Zahlt auf Versand: no
Zahlt auf Mehrwertsteuer: no


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