Nielsen Mobile UK Partnerprogramm

Nielsen Mobile UK Partnerprogramm

Caring about consumer insights for over 90 years

Nielsen is a professional research company and the world’s leading provider of media and marketing information. Our mission is to learn about what people watch, listen to, and buy, as well as what they do online. Filling out our survey and registering your devices is an opportunity to become a part of important research insights. We’d love to have you!

Why Join?

Your participation matters

By participating in Nielsen research, you can improve products and services you use online today. Nielsen Mobile Panel combines your unique internet usage with people like you to build a picture of internet behavior. By using the internet as you do every day, we invite you to make a difference and earn redeemable rewards points!

How It Works

Just be you to join the Nielsen Family

1.     Sign Up

Answer our registration questions to tell us more about you, your household, and the devices you use.

2.     Install the App

Download our safe and secure Nielsen App to all of your registered devices. It is noninvasive and won’t impact device performance.

3.     Earn Rewards


Programmstart: 20.01.2020
Stornoquote: k.A.
Ø Freigabe der Provisionen: k.A.
Maximale Freigabe der Provisionen: k.A.


Deeplinks: nein
Product-Feed: ja
E-Mail-Template: ja
Banner: 18
Textlinks: 7


    [0] => event
    [1] => lead
    [2] => sale

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