[offline] In-italia.de Partnerprogramm

[offline] In-italia.de Partnerprogramm

Holidays in Italy with charming accommodations In-Italia have been successfully operating as an online agent arranging holidays in Italy since 1999. Choose from a handpicked and diverse selection of holiday accommodations in Italy: from apartments, hotels, farm accommodations, to private villas in a variety of locations. Stay in an area steeped in history, or stay in the finest modern resorts. Find accommodations in wonderful Italian ski resorts, by the Italian lakes, in cities, in the mountains…

Reasons to book for clients

1. Expertise on Italy: we possess a wealth of knowledge & experience on holidays in Italy.

2. We frequently visit the accommodation that we sell, as well as their surroundings.

3. Our dedicated team of travel specialists is always ready to answer any questions and advise you on the best locations and choice of accommodation.

4. Wide selection of accommodation & locations: we focus on finding authentic and new destinations that offer unique Italian charm & hospitality.

5. Choose from our carefully handpicked, broad collection of accommodations: from cosy B&B’s to independent villas.

6. Honest, trustworthy and detailed descriptions & reviews on our site.

7. We offer a straightforward booking system that makes the booking procedure easy.

Reasons to join the program for publishers

1. Heavy focus on conversion optimization.

2. Good current conversion rates.

3. High average order values.

4. High CPS commission & custom work possible for larger publishers.

5. Intensive contact with your TargetCircle account manager.


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• Affiliates are not permitted to bid in search engines (this includes misspellings).
• Affiliates are not permitted to use the brand name in their URL e.g www.in-italiaoffer.no.
• Affiliates are allowed to promote on their Facebook feed but are not allowed to push the ads.
• Voucher is not allowed

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