Surveyeah Partnerprogramm

Surveyeah Partnerprogramm

Welcome to the Surveyeah Affiliate Program!

Surveyeah sends paid online surveys to its members.
Their mission is to find people to answer questions about famous Italian brands and large international companies from the comfort of their own homes.
In return for the time you spend answering the surveys, small amounts of euros are credited to your PayPal account or you receive gift cards that can be redeemed on Amazon. You can also donate the money to charity.
Another goal they have is also to help undergraduate and graduate students complete their theses by finding people who match their research.

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Programmstart: 11.12.2020
Stornoquote: k.A.
Ø Freigabe der Provisionen: k.A.
Maximale Freigabe der Provisionen: k.A.


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Product-Feed: ja
E-Mail-Template: ja
Banner: 10
Textlinks: 4


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    [1] => lead
    [2] => sale

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