iHerb.com Partnerprogramm

iHerb.com Partnerprogramm

Welcome to iHerb.com Affiliate Program!

iHerb is an American online store of healthcare products, vitamins and cosmetics. Currently, iHerb is a world-class online store offering a wide range of branded natural products, and providing the best prices and terms of delivery.

Publishers accepted into the program are able to promote an extensive catalog of over 35,000 products from 1,200 trusted brands across Health, Nutrition, Beauty and more!

Affiliate Program Highlights

  • Global customer base
  • Custom creative available upon request
  • Cookie: 45 days (one conversion per cookie session)
  • Over $500 000 paid out every month

Please note that commissions will not be awarded on orders that you originally referred to but were completed using codes from our Rewards program. It’s important to ensure that you do not include any codes from our Rewards program on your site and to make it clear to your users to use only the available offers on your site.

App tracking is not currently supported.

Region: worldwide


Programmstart: 05.06.2020
Stornoquote: k.A.
Ø Freigabe der Provisionen: k.A.
Maximale Freigabe der Provisionen: k.A.


Deeplinks: ja
Product-Feed: ja
E-Mail-Template: ja
Banner: 128
Textlinks: 28


    [0] => event
    [1] => lead
    [2] => sale

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  • Cashback
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  • YouTube


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