Dick Johnson Partnerprogramm

Dick Johnson Partnerprogramm

Dick Johnson is the fine line between obscenity and luxury. He is the Wall Street Yuppie who spends all his wealth in the pleasure house and at the same time puts the highest value on his etiquette. The products, mission and motivation come from one philosophy; no fear and no doubt. Luxurious products with attitude, allow a unique feel-good experience. Go back to the roots and live the art of old school shaving.

You have probably heard of Dick Johnson – it’s the company behind the cult product BALL WAX – testicle wax (So Good For Your Balls) – or perhaps the best selling beard oil “SNAKE OIL” in the world – with exclusive whisky & vanilla scent – you know – the commercial with the Vikings and the sea snake!

In Finland, Dick Johnson is a synonym for men’s cosmetics, just like the tempo for the paper tissues in our country. The range includes over 1,200 care products for men, who take care of themselves and women who want their men to take better care of themselves. Dick Johnson offers the old-school razor, like grandfather’s for eternity, as well as care products for beards, hairstyles and the skin – specially designed for men’s needs.

Now the program of Dick Johnson is finally available in Germany and offers a large selection of razors, pomades, beard oils and face creams, which is unmatched in Germany.

The products of Dick Johnson are not only the best care products for men with beards, we also have a heart for hippies, because all the products are vegan and without child labor from low-wage countries – except our Ball Wax – which is made in Italy – because as we all know, the Italians have the biggest balls.

Shipping costs: We deliver from abroad – but orders received until 14h are often delivered the next day. We have different promotional offers, often with free delivery option.


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