Surveyeah Partnerprogramm

Welcome to the Surveyeah Affiliate Program!

Surveyeah sends paid online surveys to its members.
Their mission is to find people to answer questions about famous Italian brands and large international companies from the comfort of their own homes.
In return for the time you spend answering the surveys, small amounts of euros are credited to your PayPal account or you receive gift cards that can be redeemed on Amazon. You can also donate the money to charity.
Another goal they have is also to help undergraduate and graduate students complete their theses by finding people who match their research.

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Meinungswelt AT Partnerprogramm



Welcome to the MeinungsWelt AT affiliate Program!

Earn money with online surveys at Meinungswelt AT.

With the MeinungsWelt service you can have a positive influence on decision makers and actively influence your daily life. By participating in online market research surveys you help to develop new products and services, because companies and organizations make use of your feedback. An excellent opportunity to make a difference with your opinion in our online surveys!


  • Participants must be of legal age (18 years)
  • Residence in Austria
  • No previous work experience required

Your advantages as an affiliate:

  • attractive compensation 

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Nielsen Mobile UK Partnerprogramm

Welcome to the Nielsen Mobile UK affiliate program!

Nielsen Mobile UK is a professional research company and global provider of media and marketing information including TV ratings. Their aim is to learn more about what people see, hear and buy, and what they do online. By participating in the surveys and using the Nielsen App, you have the chance to participate in interesting and influential research. When you register, you will be asked a few short questions about yourself and after that you can download the safe and secure Nielsen App and receive rewards for using the Internet. The more devices like smartphones or tablets have the app, the more you can earn!

Your advantages as a customer:

  • quick and uncomplicated handling
  • earn more by registering more devices

Your advantages as an affiliate: 

  • Cookie lifetime : 100 days 
  • attractive advertising material 
  • High compensation

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Nielsen_Partnerprogamm Partnerprogramm

Welcome to the affiliate program! is a platform for everyone who would like to express their opinion and be rewarded for it. Participants can register free of charge and without any obligation to become a member and participate in paid online surveys. When registering at, a few personal data, such as place of residence, age, gender, etc., are required. As soon as the given data fits a suitable survey, the participant will receive an email with a link that leads directly to the online survey. The expected length of the interview as well as the amount that will be paid out after the interview is completed will also be stated in this invitation email. After filling out the complete survey questionnaire, the corresponding remuneration will be credited to the meinungsplatz account. Payment will be made to a valid bank account from a minimum amount of 15.00 €.

Your advantages as a customer:

  • Earn money without much effort 
  • Surveys everywhere whether on the bus or at home
  • Participating in the project helps to shape the products of tomorrow
  • Payout already from 15€ credit

Your advantages as an affiliate: 

  • attractive compensation 

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OpinionWorld CH Partnerprogramm

Welcome to the affiliate program!

With OpinionWorld you have the opportunity to influence decisions that affect your daily life. Take part in market research surveys online: Your opinion will affect the development of new products and services because companies and other organizations will base their decisions on your feedback. It’s easy to make a difference – share your opinion in our online surveys!

Your advantages as an affiliate: 

  • Cookie runtime: 100 days 
  • Validation period: 30 days 
  • wide range of text links and banners  
  • attractive compensation 

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LoopsterPanel Partnerprogramm

Welcome to the LoopsterPanel affiliate program!

LoopsterPanel is a survey portal that allows you to participate in paid online surveys. After successful registration, members receive invitations to surveys from a variety of categories. These can be done comfortably on a smatphone, laptop or tablet from any location. The surveys can, for example, show commercials and films that have not yet been made public, to which members can contribute with their opinions.

Your advantages as a customer: 

  • free and non-binding participation 
  • quick registration 
  • Profile information is voluntary 
  • earn money simply and easily

To be noted:

  • Participation only from age 18!
  • Refusal of a lead in case of : double registration, fake details, irrelevant personal data, registrations that do not respond to invitations and do not participate in any of the first 5 surveys 

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