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Welcome to Affiliate Program! ™ – the most popular online store of electronics and home appliances in Ukraine. A huge range, professional service, fast delivery, and competitive prices.

Affiliate Program Advantages: 

  • the most popular online store in Ukraine.
  • over 50 million visits per month.
  • goods of various categories – from appliances and foodstuffs to tickets and jewelry.
  • 7 days cookie lifetime.

Competitive advantages and features:

  • daily deals
  • over 145 000 goods available to purchase
  • only certificated equipment
  • convenient delivery and many payment methods
  • lots of different categories
  • high brand awareness
  • store branches in all Ukrainian regions.


Please note that the categorization is not displayed in the statistics, you will immediately be charged the amount of the commission. Conversions are transmitted with a delay from 4 to 8 hours. After placing an order in the Rozetka UA store via an affiliate link, it will be displayed in the personal account of the affiliate network during the day, but in rare cases it can take up to 5 days. In case your order did not appear in your personal account, please contact Customer Support.

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Target audience:  Women and men aged 23 to 45 years old

Region: Ukraine (except: Donetsk, Donetsk region, Lugansk, Lugansk region)

Detailed commission rates you can find in the Rozetka UA tariff specification file.


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Welcome to Affiliate Program!

Charlie Temple offers a wide range of regular-, prescription- and sun-glasses of the highest quality for a fair and affordable price. The assortment of products is always growing. When ordered on weekdays before 21:00 hr, your order will be delivered the next day*; multifocal glasses are delivered after 7 workdays*.

Charlie Temple is a purely online oriented brand with growing popularity in Europe through radio, tv, and online channels. The customers can always try on their favorite pair of glasses through the virtual fitting room.

Charlie Temple has been able to disrupt the spectacles market by offering great quality products for great, affordable, and fair prices. Take their top quality prescription glasses, which are already available from 25 euros*. All Charlie Temple glasses are produced in the Netherlands and with a wide range of designs, there is always a pair perfectly suited for every occasion and outfit. 

The shop is not positioned as a discounter, but there is a price/quality disruptor with a great brand experience – you can always promote great products for the best price!

Why promote Charlie Temple?

  • Good commissions on productlevel
  • A fast growing international brand
  • Quick payment for your contributions
  • Always something to promote!

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Regions: DE, AT, BE, NL Affiliate Program


Welcome to the MiniintheBox Partner Program!

MiniintheBox is a global leading supplier of Blue Ribbon consumer products. The product range extends from electronics, custom-made clothing to sports equipment. Since its establishment in 2007, MiniintheBox has been helping customers buy and sell products of the highest quality at the lowest wholesale prices. Whether you are a wholesaler or retailer, you will find anything you want here.The products are sourced from Chinese manufacturers, so the costs can be kept low while offering the highest quality standards. 

As a customer you have these advantages:

  • Products of the highest quality.
  • A simple order and payment process.
  • Assistance in finding products and manufacturers in China.
  • Fast delivery 
  • 24-hour customer service during the week.

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