Welcome to the affiliate program ! is an independent credit comparison service. The consumer profits from substantial interest expenses reductions and higher financial possibilities, while providers of goods profit from clearly lower customer acquisition expenses. The customer can place their credit request over Finanzcheck. By entering their personal data, they receive their customized bank offers in real-time. Afterwards, skilled credit advisors take care of the individual consultation and support of the customer.




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Welcome to the Vexcash affiliate program!

Vexcash is a start-up company that was established in Germany in 2011 as the first provider of short-term credits in Germany. The unique feature of these loans is the short runtime of only 30 days and the small loan amounts of averagely 385 Euro to a maximum of 3,000 Euro. The loan from Vexcash is a temporary credit, or more simply, an advance on salary or wages. Vexcash grants credits up to 500 Euro to credit applicants with a Schufascore up to M. The credit rating of the customers is done internally, with the help of the Schufa. Because a short term credit means a different repayment method, people are rejected by most banks based on their Schufa score. So if suddenly the car is broken or another important technical device or an unexpectedly high utility back payment has to be paid, then Vexcash steps in and helps to prevent expensive bills or even loss of earnings.

Your Advantages as an Affiliate:

  • attractive provision 
  • constantly optimized advertising material
  • fast processing



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Trade Republic Partnerprogramm

Welcome to the Trade Republic affiliate program!

Trade Republic Bank is the first German broker to offer customers the opportunity to trade shares and ETFs on the move and commission-free. There is only an external fee of one Euro per trade for settlement. The intuitive app of the Berlin-based FinTech offers mobile securities account opening, simple search and filter functions, a personalized timeline and long trading hours from 7:30 am to 11 pm.


Investors can use the app to trade more than 6,100 German and international stocks as well as more than 500 ETFs on indices, commodities and currencies commission-free on the stock exchange. The price quality is monitored by the stock exchange. The spreads are linked to the reference market XETRA, if tradable there. By using modern technology, Trade Republic realizes cost advantages which it passes on directly to its customers – no order commissions, no custody account fees, no negative interest. Trade Republic cooperates with renowned partners such as HSBC and solarisBank.

Trade Republic Bank is a licensed and supervised trading bank in Germany by the Bundesbank and BaFin. The founders Christian Hecker, Thomas Pischke and Marco Cancellieri have been expanding the company since 2015. In January 2019, Trade Republic was the first German broker to start mobile and commission-free stock trading. Since 2017 the financial services provider sino AG has been a strategic investor.


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terms & conditions

-Only Non incentivised traffic


-No Social Media/Facebook

-No Email marketing

-No Retargeting

-No representation of violence, socially critical contents, sexually offensive contents, discriminating, insulting or defamatory statements regarding race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation and/or age.


Contact Information:

For direct inquiries please contact Mr. Oliver Szotyori, Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager.

E-mail address: or


Region: DE

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Welcome to the Norisbank affiliate program!

Excellent and easy-to-understand offers at especially favourable conditions, convenient services, direct and personal support as well as fast processing of orders (including transfers, standing orders) are part of the services provided by norisbank – a company of the Deutsche Bank Group.

Promote the current account and the credit account of norisbank! Your commission: up to 65€ for the current account and 400€ for the credit account!

1) Norisbank top current account

The free current account without account management fees

Product details:

– 0€ account maintenance fee (The free top current account without minimum deposit

– Free credit card (The Mastercard credit card of norisbank without annual fee (creditworthiness and monthly cash flows required on the current account).

 – Cashless payment worldwide (with the Mastercard credit card at around 36 million points of acceptance and with the Maestro-Card (debit card) at over 800,000 POS terminals in retail outlets in Germany alone)

– Free cash withdrawals worldwide


a) With the Maestro-Card in Germany

– at around 9,000 Cash Group ATMs (all ATMs of Postbank, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and HypoVereinsbank) To the ATM-Finder

– at approximately 1,300 Shell gas stations

– at the checkout in participating stores at over 16,000 stores (e.g. ALDI SÜD, Lidl, Netto-Markendiscount, PENNY, REWE, toom Baumarkt, famila, tegut and some stores from Edeka) up to a maximum of 200 € from a minimum purchase value of e.g. 10 or 20 € – depending on the trading partner


b) With the credit card in foreign countries at all cash machines with Mastercard logo

– Germany-wide cash deposits: Free of charge at Deutsche Bank cash machines.

– Flexible overdraft facility (granted overdraft): For more financial flexibility in the short term (creditworthiness and monthly cash receipts on the current account are required).

-Online account switching service – free and convenient!

-Authorize online via video in just a few minutes: As an alternative to the POSTIDENT procedure, interested parties can also conveniently identify themselves online via video when opening a top current account – simply using their smartphone, tablet or PC. This saves them the trip to the post office. (

– Free mobile banking app – top rated: Further information under


2) Norisbank top loan

Product details:

-2.9% – 7.8%* Annual percentage rate of charge

-1.000€ – 65.000 € net loan amount

– Duration 12 months – 96 months

– no processing fee

– Low Interest Guarantee: If the customer receives a cheaper credit offer within 4 weeks after the loan was made, you can return your top credit free of charge and receive €50

– if requested with insurance: e.g. against inability to work or unemployment

– flexible repayment options through free special repayments: Up to 50% of the remaining amount can be repaid free of charge once a year by bank transfer to the credit account

– Extended right of return: Credit can be returned free of charge within 30 days

– Quick application with online approval

Note: Please note that information on the interest rate may only be provided if the following representative example is published at the same time: Net loan amount 10,000€, effect. Annual interest rate 3.99%, fixed debit interest rate 3.91% p.a., number of installments / term months 48, monthly installment 224.86€, total amount 10,792€. | Creditworthiness assumed





Region: DE

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Norisbank_Partnerprogramm Partnerprogramm

Welcome to the WiG affiliate program!

The Westfälische Inkassogesellschaft portal offers online debt collection. The reminding procedure can be individually adjusted and the creditors receive real-time information on the current status of the collection. In addition, there are no costs for the members in the extra-judicial procedure and a basic fee is not charged.

Advantages as an Affiliate:

  • Handling of communication and dealing with the debtor
  • friendly, but determining demand of the amount from the debtor
  • attractive commission of 10,50€ for each valid registration
  • low cancellation rate
  • fast approval of leads within 30 days
  • Cookie lifetime of 30 days
  • Huge selection of advertising materials


Region: DE

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Welcome to the Zinspilot affiliate Program!

The ZINSPILOT Investment Service offers simple and convenient access to overnight and fixed-term deposits at home and abroad. The investments can be arranged in cooperation with the Sutor Bank Hamburgische Privatbankiers since 1921 – which places the deposits at the investment banks for the customer. Deposits and withdrawals are made simply and transparently via the customer’s ZINSPILOT investment account at Sutor Bank in Germany. Thanks to the secure reference account principle, investors do not need PINs and TANs at Sutor Bank. For deposits, the ZINSPILOT investor service offers a convenient service package depending on the investor’s needs: Transfer forms for submission at the bank branch, deposit data for online banking or immediate transfer. Investment amounts are paid out directly to the customer’s deposited reference account at their house bank. The deposits are simultaneously protected by the deposit protection guidelines of the respective investment country. This means that customer deposits are fully protected at every investment bank up to an amount of 100,000 euros.


Your advantages as an affiliate:

  • Cookie lifetime: 30 days
  • Validation period: 100 days
  • attractive advertising media: banners, text links

A sale is defined as a deposit on the ZINSPILOT reference account.

The Zinspilot partner banks:

  • Alpha Bank Romania
  • APS Bank
  • Atom Bank plc
  • Austrian Anadi Bank
  • CBL Bank
  • Close Brothers
  • CreditPlus Bank
  • FIMBank
  • Rietumu Bank



Region: DE

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Welcome to the affiliate programm!

The free Mastercard Gold is Advanzia Bank’s permanently free of charge credit Mastercard, which gives customers more flexibility in their everyday life and around the world. Within the personal limit of your personal funds, you can make cashless purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs – and all this without any fees. In addition to the special feature of complete and permanent freedom from fees, your customers receive all the benefits of a Gold Card and also the flexibility to decide for themselves whether to repay the transactions they have made in one amount or conveniently in partial payments. Getting the free Mastercard Gold is free of charge and does not include any additional annual fees, cash fees or foreign assignment fees.




Region: DE

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Welcome to Advanzia’s Affiliate Program!

Transparency, simplicity and trust, this triad forms the principle of the actions of this bank.

Advanzia Bank offers ideal solutions for payment transactions and focuses on maximum transparency. In this way, they establish trust with their clients, which is essential as the basis for a successful business relationship.The „gebührenfreie Mastercard GOLD“ is a flexible and worldwide accepted method of payment. It includes the excellent advantages of a gold credit card – and all this without any fees. You can find detailed information, the security standards and the advantages of the „gebührenfreie Mastercard GOLD“ here:

No annual fees permanently for all customers

  • Benefit from a 7-week interest-free loan
  • Credit cards are used at 1.7 million ATMs and 35 million acceptance locations with 0% fees.
  • All-round travel insurance free of charge for yourself and your fellow travellers
  • Free money withdrawal worldwide
  • 24 hours customer service
  • … and many more

As an affiliate for this partner program you can enjoy these benefits:

  • average validation period of 30 days
  • fast affiliate payout
  • Large selection of attractive advertising material
  • Cookie Lifetime: 90 days
  • Personal support

Region: DE

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