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Sana is a library of sounds of nature that helps you concentrate during routine work, relax at bedtime, calm your baby, and is also great for meditation.
Just mix different sounds, creating your own environment for concentration or relaxation.

With Sana you can create a suitable atmosphere for your work anywhere, anytime.

The app contains dozens of sounds from around the world that you can use to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of these places.

Publisher Advantages:

  • 2 € commission for paid annual subscription
  • For people of age 0 +
  • Geo – worldwide
  • All traffic sources are allowed


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Trade Republic Partnerprogramm

Welcome to the Trade Republic affiliate program!

Trade Republic Bank is the first German broker to offer customers the opportunity to trade shares and ETFs on the move and commission-free. There is only an external fee of one Euro per trade for settlement. The intuitive app of the Berlin-based FinTech offers mobile securities account opening, simple search and filter functions, a personalized timeline and long trading hours from 7:30 am to 11 pm.


Investors can use the app to trade more than 6,100 German and international stocks as well as more than 500 ETFs on indices, commodities and currencies commission-free on the stock exchange. The price quality is monitored by the stock exchange. The spreads are linked to the reference market XETRA, if tradable there. By using modern technology, Trade Republic realizes cost advantages which it passes on directly to its customers – no order commissions, no custody account fees, no negative interest. Trade Republic cooperates with renowned partners such as HSBC and solarisBank.

Trade Republic Bank is a licensed and supervised trading bank in Germany by the Bundesbank and BaFin. The founders Christian Hecker, Thomas Pischke and Marco Cancellieri have been expanding the company since 2015. In January 2019, Trade Republic was the first German broker to start mobile and commission-free stock trading. Since 2017 the financial services provider sino AG has been a strategic investor.


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terms & conditions

-Only Non incentivised traffic


-No Social Media/Facebook

-No Email marketing

-No Retargeting

-No representation of violence, socially critical contents, sexually offensive contents, discriminating, insulting or defamatory statements regarding race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation and/or age.


Contact Information:

For direct inquiries please contact Mr. Oliver Szotyori, Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager.

E-mail address: or


Region: DE

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