Onboarding Terms


Apps are application software. You can download them from App stores to your mobile device for a fee or free of charge. Apps have a direct benefit for the user.


Blogs are mainly used to write and publish personal articles that can be viewed on the Internet. A lot can be communicated, communicated and exchanged in a blog. Readers can comment and discuss.


Bookmarks serve to place websites of one’s own choice. The browser remembers this so that you can quickly access the specific website.


Cashback is based as a principal on the money back idea and is usually understood as a bonus offer. The Cashback system can be used, for example, to reward customer loyalty when they make purchases in their favorite shops. And yet Cashback differs from what is commonly known as bonus offers: no points are collected, which are then collected in a virtual bonus booklet, but cash is generated with every purchase. The amount of bonuses varies from shop to shop.

Content Pages:

Content is edited on content pages. Traffic often comes through search engines.


These are pages or app pages that have listed many different apps. The “app of the day”, for example, is listed and highlighted daily.


Display advertising contrasts with marketing for the organic search. An example of display advertising is banner advertising. Even though the Internet has changed in terms of marketing opportunities since its inception, display advertising is still the most frequently used way to draw attention to products. For example, display advertising is used to better position one’s own brand on the Internet and to increase reach and awareness – even if the user does not click on the banner.

E-Mail Marketing:

E-mail marketing is a marketing channel used to inform interested parties by e-mail about products, services or other offers. E-mail marketing is an excellent way to reach, expand and consolidate existing customer contacts. An important element of e-mail marketing is that the customer is given the opportunity to take action and that a call to action option is integrated into the mailing accordingly. Hyperlinks are included in the e-mail for this purpose. When sending e-mails, it must be ensured that all current data protection regulations are adhered to. A preview must first be sent to the respective MCANISM Account Manager.


Vouchers are issued to (potential) customers, resulting in savings for the customers. These can be, for example, a percentage reduction or a fixed amount of money. Here you advertise your brand. If this process is successful, the company can expect an increase in profit, despite the discounts. The voucher page writes unique content for the customer and includes the voucher and actions. By attractive coupons and actions, the turnovers can be increased.


Icon Traffic mainly refers to Offer Wall Traffic. Publishers, for example, list apps and do not use advertising media for them, but only the app icon.


In the case of performance-oriented success, there is an additional reward. For example, there are bonuses on transactions executed.

Media Buyer:

A media buyer buys advertising space (inventory) from websites and places the customer’s advertising media on them. Refinancing takes place through performance-based billing. The media buyer runs the risk for the customer.


Summary for the category of networks and sub-networks. These also include content exchanges. Networks have their own Publisher Portfolio, which then advertise the Publisher Program.

Pop up/ Pop under:

Is another form of display advertiser.

Pop-ups are automatically displayed above the last window clicked on in a new window.

Pop-unders are automatically displayed above the last window clicked on in a new window.

Push notification:

On the smartphone, they serve as a message. The user must allow this before the first message is received. Push notifications differ in content and can be sent from app operators to mobile devices.


Retargeting (re-targeting/remarketing) is a personalized targeting strategy in which the user is marked when visiting the website. As soon as the user leaves the website without completing a purchase, the corresponding products and services of the website already visited are displayed. This means that the conversion can still take place at a later date.


In the marketing area, the text message can be used to communicate texts from the company quickly and easily with a large group. For this, the permission of the customer must be given before.

Social Media:

Large platforms such as Facebook or Instagram play an important role in social media. They are often used for brand awareness because direct sales are low. In addition, target groups can be easily identified and defined by various features.

Search Engine Marketing:

In search engine advertising, paid ads are placed on the results pages of search engines. This type of advertising measure is applied via keyword advertising and controlled via certain search terms, the so-called keywords.

The ads are usually displayed in text form and advertise certain offers that match the user’s search query. The ads are placed using the CPC bid model, whereby other models can also be used. In affiliate marketing, SEA cooperations can be found on CPS or CPO models. Possible restrictions for search engines or other paid advertisements are e.g. brand name, prescriber, derived spelling/word combinations.


Toolbar is a plug-in that is often installed in browsers. In these toolbars, suggestions for campaigns and surf tips can be given. These give the user instant access to various functions.

Comparison Pages:

Comparison pages are websites that combine products and offers from different websites. Often a product feed is needed for this. The comparison pages extract all required data from the product feed and make it available to the user in an orderly manner.


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