Tracking and Reporting

Numbers, Data, Facts - Comprehensive Statistics and Secure Tracking!

Performance marketing requires reliable and secure tracking technologies because this is the only way to successfully register and reward your users’ purchases and registrations. Our tracking ensures full transparency at all times and enables the recording of decisive advertising and revenue-relevant key figures. As a publisher, you have control over your performance activity at all times and can carry out optimizations based on detailed statistics.

Reliable Tracking in Real Time
For us, reliable tracking is the basis for performance marketing. Our mission-critical systems guarantee full transparency and security and are adapted to the latest technology standards.

In addition to standard tracking, we have all the standard tracking methods in our portfolio, which ensure significant results on performance in all common end devices such as desktop, mobile website or app, with the clear goal of maximizing your ROI.

Real-Time Reporting
Extensive and meaningful statistics can be realized in your Publisher Interface, which can be individually adapted at any time so that you can monitor and optimize your integrated performance campaigns.

Our filter functions give you as a publisher numerous insights and you can adjust your statistics individually. Our innovative tools help you monetize your business model. Whether you filter your reporting by campaign, advertising, transactions (sale, lead, click) or by any time period, you have a variety of essential KPIs at your disposal to help you optimize your reporting. The reports can be downloaded at any time as in various files such as CSV.

Cross-Currency Reporting
The use of mobile devices is constantly increasing. In order to increase your earnings effectively, a number of decisive parameters must be taken into account that have a considerable influence on the user. In addition to mobile advertising media (type and size of advertising media), parameters such as the end device itself, operating system or browser used also flow into the optimization of your ROI.
We capture all critical KPIs to help you effectively turn your potential users into end customers. With the clear reporting on end devices in your affiliate dashboard, you get the ability to directly analyze which activities and advertising measures perform well.



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