Publisher Management

Modern, User-friendly and Intuitive - The Publisher Dashboard From MCANISM Makes Your Work Easier!

In just a few steps you can become a publisher in our network. After successful registration, you can start your performance trip right away, so that you can achieve the first profits in just a few days!

The interface provides you with all the relevant information you need for your advertising activity with our advertisers and for your own business. With the versatile options, you can successfully manage attractive campaigns and easily monitor your sales. The individual functionalities are simply structured and self-explanatory so that you focus on performance and thus optimize the ROI.

We will be happy to provide you with a contact person who will support you in all processes on an ongoing basis. Thus we provide you with broad support so that every process is simplified for you as a publisher.

Optimization of Your Publisher Account
You as a publisher have the possibility to optimize your publisher profile for advertisers by providing your account with relevant company information so that advertisers know at first glance who you are and where your affiliate focus lies. With detailed information, you are more likely to attract the attention of our advertisers. Simply insert your company profile with a logo or pass this information on to your contact at MCANSIM.

Work with Different Affiliate Websites
If you run several affiliate websites, you have the possibility to differentiate the traffic and the achieved profits according to the used affiliate websites in order to receive valuable insights and KPI.



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