Flexible Commissions and Solid Billing Models!

In our platform, you will find the most frequently used and most successful compensation models that lead to the growth of your business model. Our advertisers decide for themselves how much commission you pay for the affiliate program or campaign. We at MCANISM ensure that your valid transactions are paid out quickly and securely.

As soon as a user clicks your advertisement and purchases a product or registers, you receive a predefined commission. You will receive the payment in the form of a credit note. The payout can be made up to four times a month, for all accepted leads and sales of the previous month and with a payout limit of 25€.

We offer the following commission models:

CPS (Cost per Sale) or CPO (Cost per Order) is a compensation in which the affiliate receives either a fixed commission or a percentage of the net shopping basket value for the brokerage.

CPL (Cost per Lead) is a fixed compensation in which the affiliate receives a commission for every valid contact made by the advertiser. This can take the form of registering on a website, completing opinion polls, registering for a test drive, ordering a catalog, subscribing to the newsletter or participating in competitions.

CPC (Cost per Click) is a fixed amount that affiliates receive for each click of a unique user on an online advertisement.

PPI (Pay per Install) is a fixed amount. Affiliates are provided for the installation of software on the computer or app.

there are many possible combinations of the remuneration models listed above.



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