Bring Back Potential End Customers!

Retargeting has proven to be an excellent measure to increase your reach and ROI.

On average, only 2% of users complete the purchase process; the remaining 98% leave the online shop without making a purchase. Retargeting is a recommended measure to bring such potential customers back. In retargeting, personalized advertising materials or product data are used to remind potential customers who have already visited the online shop and viewed products – this is intended to reawaken buying interest.

Retargeting with MCANISM can be realized in just a few steps
The retargeting campaign is set up together with our experts. The commission model is defined for this measure and tracking is integrated. CPS (cost per sale) and CPC (cost per click) models are available as commission. The next and most important step is the tracking integration in the Container Tag of the online shop (category, product, search and order confirmation page).

For the cooperation, we recommend to use dynamic or static advertising materials.


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