No More Window Shoppers!

Capture the attention of your users with ingenious overlays and increase your ROI!

Convert predicts when a user will leave your online shop without a conversion and responds with a customized message. The technology is designed for performance-based cooperation. Our dedicated experts will be happy to advise you and work with you to set up the Exit Intent campaign, coordinating all the details for the future development and optimization of your campaign. Implemented in just a few steps, our fair technology does the work for you:

Customizable Whitelisting
Our whitelisting solution prevents the overlay from upsetting your users or interrupting the seamless interaction with your online shop and the product. This allows you to select individual subpages on which you want the overlays to be displayed.

Advanced Triggers
With our triggers, you always have full control over the solution. A multitude of parameters and behaviors are analyzed by us in order to be able to recognize the exact time of leaving the online shop. Overlays can then be selected and played based on a combination of defined factors or separately.

In-Session Tracking
We believe that the success of an onsite solution should only be measured by in-session conversions! Therefore, our in-session tracking only fires when the user ends the session. This means that you do not pay commissions to users who perform a conversion after the session in which the user interacted with the overlay is closed.

Right Interactions with Fair Tracking
Your users interact with our overlays in different ways. We make sure that only interactions that contribute to conversion are tracked. Together with our frequency cap, which ensures that the overlay is not displayed to the same user more than once, cannibalization of your organic conversions is prevented. You only pay for conversions to which we have really contributed.



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