Lead Generation

Win Potential New Customers With MCANISM!

You want to win new customers and reach a broad audience with the best affiliates? We at MCANISM support you on this voyage!

Lead generation describes the targeted measure for customer acquisition but is also a useful instrument to spark interest in products or services for potential customers. A lead represents a data record that the customer provides to the company voluntarily.

Sale or Lead Affiliate Program or a combination?
A lead generation campaign is generally limited in time and budget, while CPO-based partner programs target leads that have a long-term goal and thus contribute to actual customer acquisition. As a general rule, such partner programs are long-term and have no budget limit.

The optimal lead campaign will depend on your performance marketing strategy. Our highly committed experts will be happy to advise you and work with you to set up the lead generation campaign, coordinating all the details for the future development and optimization of your lead campaign. A variety of possible lead generation campaigns can be found here:

Newsletter – registration, sweepstake participation, request for product samples, participation in test drives, participation in surveys, online games, app downloads

Configuration of Tracking
For the detailed recording of leads and proper payment to your affiliates, a lead tracking pixel must be stored in your online shop or your online offer. Another possibility is S2S tracking.

Our tracking technology not only ensures reliable and fail-safe tracking but also provides you with valuable KPI for better analysis of your lead campaign.

Mobile Lead Generation
With MCANISM’s mobile affiliate network it is also possible to successfully play and track your mobile lead generation campaign (Mobile Tracking / In-App Tracking).

Billing is Performance-based
The billing model for lead generation campaigns is primarily based on a fixed amount, the CPL (cost per lead).
We calculate according to success: so you only pay for valid leads that have been defined according to certain criteria.

Provision of Advertising Material
In your MCANISM Advertiser Interface, you have the possibility to deposit a variety of attractive advertising materials for your affiliates. Whether banners, e-mail templates or text links, your affiliates accepted for the affiliate program have access to the desired advertising media in various formats.

Affiliates in the Network
With the live broadcast of your lead generation campaign in our network, affiliates can immediately apply for your lead campaign. Once affiliates are activated, they will have access to all the advertising and affiliate links you provide and can help maximize your conversions. Our experts always work in the background and introduce you to suitable affiliates for your affiliate program.

Which affiliates match my lead campaign?
Depending on the conception of your performance marketing strategy, a variety of affiliate channels can be used:

Facebook, email marketers, competition, voucher, and free websites, SEA, Incent, themed affiliate websites such as blogs, communities

Performance Marketing


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