Tracking and Reporting

Numbers, Data, Facts - Detailed Statistics, Information About Your Affiliates And Reliable Tracking!

The basic prerequisite to start affiliate marketing is a fail-safe tracking technology and comprehensive reporting. Depending on the performance marketing strategy, the tracking code is implemented on the “thank you page” or “order confirmation page” of the online shop or on the registration/registration page of the online offer.

Our tracking ensures full transparency at all times and enables the collection of important data relevant to advertising and sales because success in affiliate marketing can be measured immediately. As an advertiser, you have control of your affiliate program at all times and can carry out optimizations based on the detailed statistics.

Real-time tracking & reporting
In your advertiser dashboard you can find a variety of analysis options that can be individually adjusted at any time – whether you want to maintain the performance of your affiliates by day or week, by CTR, CR, clicks or impressions and transactions, with our filter function you can generate a reporting tailored to your wishes.

All transactions, although lead or sale, and other key figures are displayed in real time in the Advertiser Dashboard. The reports can be downloaded at any time as in various files such as CSV.

Cross-currency analysis options
Revenue from mobile devices is growing increasingly. In order to effectively increase your mobile revenues, many factors must be taken into account that influence the end devices used by the user. In addition to mobile advertising media, parameters such as the end device itself and the operating system are also included.

In your advertiser dashboard, you can view and generate comprehensive reports on the performance of the end devices and their important KPIs.



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