Maximize Your Performance With Detailed Product Data!

A product feed (data feed) is a dynamic or static file consisting of structured data elements. Which details a data feed contains depends on the specifications and the respective affiliate.
The delivery of appealing product data with detailed attributes such as images, URL and other important information is crucial for affiliates to address your target group in the best possible way. We, therefore, recommend the deployment of dynamic product feeds.


Why do I need to a dynamic product feed?

A dynamic product feed consists of a URL, typically pointing to a CSV or XML file. This ensures that the respective product data is always up to date and ensures higher conversion rates and CTR. We enter the URL into our database so that your accepted affiliates can access the product data. An update period is defined here so that the data record is always automatically up to date. If you change the individual attributes, such as the price of the product, this attribution is automatically adjusted. This makes it easier to maintain a dynamic product feed. Affiliates such as comparison sites can query the product feeds and integrate your product feed into their websites.

Affiliates can generate product feeds through our web service (API) or import them as classic CSV or XML files from their affiliate dashboard. In both cases, the product data is always updated automatically.


Which attributes have to be considered?

Our data sets are standardized and consist of mandatory and voluntary attributes that can be entered. Mandatory attributes include article number, ID, category, sub-category, product title, description, size, price, unit price, delivery cost, delivery time, product image, product URL. For further attributes, please contact your account manager.



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