The Key to Success Are Attractive Advertising Materials Tailored to the Target Group!

Attractive and target-group-oriented advertising materials are essential for the success of your partner program. Depending on the purpose, you can provide your affiliates with a variety of advertising materials. Individual advertising materials are crucial for maximizing performance.

Creatives Overview
-Banners in various formats. We recommend formats according to the IAB standard for desktop and mobile banners
-Text links that lead to the offer or the start page of the online shop or offer and are not visible as an advertising form at first glance
-Product feed (data feed) in dynamic form as XML or CSV with attributes such as product URL, image URL, price, size, etc.
-Video Ads that can be used by affiliates to promote the affiliate program
-Email Template (Newsletter Template), which can be used directly by our email affiliates

As an advertiser, you either have the option of adding text links and uploading banner formats as individual files or as a mass upload to the dashboard, or you provide us with the graphic as a URL. Once the affiliate program is live, accepted affiliates for the affiliate program will also have access to any advertising material you have provided. Our affiliates take the advertising material as code from the affiliate dashboard and integrate it into their affiliate website.



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