Use Elegant Commission Models Skilfully And Flexibly

There are a variety of commission models used in affiliate marketing. The choice of commission depends on your performance marketing strategy. You can implement the following models flexibly: Cost per sale, cost per lead, cost per click, lifetime remuneration, pay per view, pay per install, cost per mill and combination options. Differences can be seen in the time of payment, but also in the distribution of the commission itself. One-off payments can be made, but also commissions that are only valid for a certain period of time.

We start to track as soon as a user clicks on the affiliate link and purchases a product or signs up. These transactions are visible in your advertiser dashboard, but also in the affiliate dashboard. You are given a period of time to check the transactions for validity. Once transactions have been accepted, you will receive an invoice and affiliates will receive a credit with the accepted transactions.

Commission Models
CPS (Cost per Sale) is the most frequently used commission model. The user clicks on an affiliate advertising medium and places an order in the advertiser’s online shop. The affiliate receives either a fixed commission or a percentage of the net shopping basket value for the referral.

CPL (Cost per Lead) is a popular, fixed remuneration. The affiliate is paid for every valid contact (registration on the website, completion of opinion polls, registration for a test drive, ordering a catalog, newsletter subscription, participation in competitions) by the advertiser.

CPC (Cost per Click) is a fixed amount that affiliates receive for each user click on an advertising medium. The user then arrives at the advertiser’s website – this model can also often be billed as CPM/ CPM.

PPI (Pay per Install) is usually a fixed remuneration in which an affiliate is provisioned for the installation of software on the computer or app.
Combination possibilities of the commission models listed above are also quite possible – even for a limited period of time.

We at MCANSIM support you at any time!

We are happy to advise you on the right strategy for your affiliate program and work with you to agree the right commission model, set up and adapt the models for you – and of course, assist you in optimizing the (individual) commissions so that you can create additional incentives for your affiliates.



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